CNC Operator

Job Duties:
- Daily machine programing and operation.
- Receiving and executing jib orders. 
- Archiving all executed jobs. 
- Delivering jobs in a clear way based on requested specification. 
- Preparing Purchase requests and follow-up delivery. 
- Executing and scheduling light maintenance, and preventive maintenance. 
- Mentioning and developing the work environment and location. 
- Executing all related safety, security & loss prevention measures. 
- Working overtime when needed. 
- Executing any work related additional tasks when needed.
Experience Education 
- Technical diploma equivalent.
- Minimum of 3 years’ experience
Skills and Qualifications: 
- Computer & engineering programs
- Conceptual Skills
- Process Improvement
- Verbal Communication
- Functional and Technical Skills
- Controls and Instrumentation
- Supply Management
- Machine light maintenance
- Coordination
- Inventory Control
- Attention to Detail
- Judgment


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