Our History

Our History & Venue Development

Dhahran International Exhibitions Company 'Dhahran Expo’ established in 1985 by a leading group of Saudi businessmen and investors, with a vision and passion to create dedicated vitalizing and informative events in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since its inception the exhibition complex and events are growing and attracting thousands of international, regional, and local exhibitors and visitors year after year.

The professional expertise of Dhahran Expo integrated with an international network of business contacts has ensured the success of its business.

As Dhahran Expo’s business has developed so too the meeting industry and customers’ needs. Dhahran Expo has already focused on meeting those needs by enhancing the facilities and developing the venue with renovation plans that would offer increased features and functionality, committed to ensure that the place remains a landmark and world-class events venue.

Those development plans were conducted in phases; to improve the internal and external features of the venue and enhance the open areas with outstanding landscape designs. The renovations include the south building, west building, north building, Halls 3 & 4, offices, concourse, mosque, parking areas, gardens, and many other facilities.

Future developments will include Convention Center, Hotel, and many other exhibitions halls and venue enhancements.

Dhahran Expo believes this development will maintain the prosperity of the venue, meet with the already developed business, benefitting the whole of the Eastern Province and the area.