A: If you think you've lost something at Dhahran Expo, please check at the front desk, or send email to info@diec.com.sa

A: All public entrances allow for easy access by wheelchair via low gradient ramps and automatic doors. Once inside the venue, all floors are level, offering unobstructed access. Also, toilets for disabled visitors are available located throughout the venue.

A: Our offices are open daily from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday Opening hours of events may vary depending on the event being hosted. For more information about the event you are attending, please visit our ‘What’s On’ page, or either call us on 0096638400000 or send us email to info@diec.com.sa

A: There is an ATM machine located near the west entrance IKTVA Gate.

A: Foreign currency is not available, only Saudi Riyals.

A: There are charge boxes for phones located along the concourse of the venue near the entrances. The service is free of charge.

A: You can approach any of our Dhahran Expo team who can help you with medical assistance or guide you to the clinic which is located at the concourse of the venue near between Hall 1 and Emerald Hall.

A: We have the mosque which is located on the north/west side of the main building.

A: At Dhahran Expo we have free WiFi which is suitable for browsing, social media, and email.

A: We have a number of hotels located in nearby the area, for more information please visit “Where to Stay” page.